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QA Program: From Juno into the Future

Based on some of the comments that were posted on the recent “Which Program for Rally” ML thread I feel that there’s been some continued confusion around exactly how all the  projects work together in the QA program. So after discussing it with a wise council of my elders, I decided to start a blog so that I had a place to post more details and I could give a high level overview and clarify how everything works. I’m not really sure how much I’ll be using this blog in the future, as having one is something I’ve resisted for quite some time. But, I felt that making this post warranted me giving in to peer pressure.

Today’s the QA program :

So today in the QA program we have 3 projects, here is a high level over:

  • Tempest: The OpenStack Integrated test suite, it’s concerned with just  with having tests and running them
  • devstack: A documented shell script to build complete OpenStack development environments.
  • grenade: Upgrade testing using 2 versions of devstack to test an offline upgrade. Tempest can optionally be used after each version is deployed to verify the cloud.

Each of these projects is independent and is useful by itself. They have  defined scope (which admittedly gets blurred and constantly evolves) and  when used together along with external tools they can be used in different pipelines for certain goals.
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